Cheese appetizers


“Maison St-Jean” represents an assortment of cheese snacks with 100% real natural cheese. These delicious appetizers are manufactured in a traditional way and selected with the finest quality cheeses.

Generous use of real cheese is what distinguishes our appetizers to others. Not just any savoury snack, but a pure, crispy cheese delight.

Besides Mozzarella sticks our assortment expanded over the years into a nice line of appetizers such as Gouda, old matured Gouda, Emmental, Camembert and not to forget our famous chili cheese nuggets. Have a bite and you’ll want more!


Enjoy our wide range of cheese products, passionately created and carefully prepared with the best ingredients. Dairy products for wholesale, foodservice, retail and the industries. Grated or shredded cheese, burger cheese slices, appetizers and sauces are just a selection of our product range.