IQF cheese


IQF cheese represents an assortment of cheeses that are formed by extrusion which gives end users several benefits. Because these forms are Instant Quick Frozen “IQF” it allows us to ship any product around the world because of its extended shelf-life of 18 months instead of 3 to 4 months in regular chilled conditions.

Secondly we guarantee that each individual form doesn’t stick to the other form without using any anticaking agent. You get 100% real cheese in it’s original form without any fines or left overs in a bag. Some examples of IQF cheese forms: Diced or shredded cheese, string cheese, cheese sticks, triangles or pallets.


Enjoy our wide range of cheese products, passionately created and carefully prepared with the best ingredients. Dairy products for wholesale, foodservice, retail and the industries. Grated or shredded cheese, burger cheese slices, appetizers and sauces are just a selection of our product range.