Shredded cheese


“Quick topping” represents the assortment of shredded, diced and grated cheese that can be used into various dishes like pizza, lasagna, quiche, salad and many other meals you may think off. A quick pick of cheeses that are available: Mozzarella, Gouda, Edam, Maasdam, Emmental, Italian hard type or Trappista belong to this wide assortment.

Besides regular cheese we can offer special blends in a combination of various cheeses or cheese alternatives (alternatives based on vegetable fat). These blends offer a unique flavor profile and may give sometimes an economic benefit to our customers.

All cheeses going through our factory process are selected from the best european manufacturers and are shredded with the highest care.


Enjoy our wide range of cheese products, passionately created and carefully prepared with the best ingredients. Dairy products for wholesale, foodservice, retail and the industries. Grated or shredded cheese, burger cheese slices, appetizers and sauces are just a selection of our product range.